Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Color of the Moment: Coral

I've been reading and reading and reading. And in all of my magazines and several of the blogs that I follow, coral is all over the place, again. I thought it would overstay its welcome, overflowing from Spring/Summer 2009 into 2010. But here we are in 2011, and coral isn't going ANYWHERE.

Which is really excellent news, because after reading Suze's "How to dye your clothes" post, I just haaad to get myself some red pants! Everyone's doing it! And I love red pants! And I have this crappy cream pair that I hate and won't wear because the color and fabric combo is very unforgiving. Perfect for dying! Except... these pants were a poly-blend. I knew, after reading Suze's tutorial, that polyester and poly-blends didn't grab dye very well, so I was prepared for a fail. I didn't really care too much about the pants, anyway.
Instead of a fail, though, I got this gorgeous Springy coral color!

floral top: Target (clearance, woo!)
pants: New York & Company, dyed by me!
sandals: Target (I plan to wear these almost every day)
necklace: F21, gifted by Happyness Magnet
polish on toes: Wet 'n Wild's Blazin'

Sadly, one of the only two photos that wasn't of me falling over or of my rear end was this one... 
And you can only imagine how pleased I was to share it with you!
Also, ahem, Mister Photographer, sir... I need your help to remind me that removing my hair-tie bracelet would benefit future photo shoots, immensely. pleaseandthankyou.

Oh! I got bangs! For those of you who don't follow me on twitter and/or facebook, you probably didn't know that, yet. So, here they are, after a day at work, 90 degree heat + humidity, and lots of wind. Sorry their debut isn't much fancier. I think I'm going through a quarter life crisis and I needed a big change that wouldn't prove to be detrimental to my health or well-being. Bangs did the trick and I love 'em. Just kinda wish that I was going through my crisis in cooler, dryer weather. 

I loved dying clothes so much that I already dyed a shirt that I've not worn due to it being the ugliest color on the planet. Can't wait to show it to you, soon! That one actually turned out the expected/intended hue!

So, I went out with Husband on Saturday night and met a few friends, including Mr. Mansome, himself. I was appalled at how women are dressing themselves for attention. I mean, I've so been there. College was a giant experiment. And I was once the girl who thought that leaving little to the imagination would land me a hot guy. Yep... maybe so, but not a good one. So Mansome's wife and I came up with a very important list for:

"What Not to Wear When Looking for Quality Companionship" 
-aka- How to Land a One Night Stand

1. Dresses/skirts easily mistaken for shirts
2. Boobs so fake that they hit your face
3. A thong bikini in public... not at the pool or beach
4. An orangey tan
5. Make-up that will have to be removed with a chisel
6. A piece of clothing so tight that it's mistaken for body paint
7. So much hair product that your hair could rival the Eiffel Tower
8. Taylor Momsen-esque eyeliner with a cocktail dress
9. Shoes that are as tall as the Washington Monument and could also be worn while giving a lap dance
10. Looking like you could be taken out with the Tuesday morning garbage.

Obviously, that's just our take.

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