Monday, May 9, 2011

3 Days

 Yes, friends. 
Three more days until I'm done working at the university. It was all sweet until it became bittersweet at graduation on Friday. I cried like a baby, watching our graduate students walk across the stage, listening to my favorite faculty members speak, hearing the chair's closing remarks... As much as I'm ready to leave and as tough as the road has been, there will be things I miss about this place.
And people. Like you, down the hall. You know who you are.

In other news, I had a wonderful time at the beach with Christina. We went dancing on Friday, I had too many drinks, and we walked on the beach with some new friends that we'll never see again. The wedding was beautiful on Saturday- perfect bride, perfect location, perfect weather. And the gloom got us packed up and on the road in time for me to eat Mother's Day lunch with my family, yesterday. I came home to a pristine house (thanks, babe) and a baby girl that was bounding with energy and lots of hugs! I really couldn't have asked for a better weekend. All I wish is that I hadn't left the four hard ciders that I'd just bought in the hotel fridge. Oh well... Hopefully housekeeping enjoyed them.

 dress: Sonoma via Kohl's
cardigan: New York & Company
flip-flops: Mossimo via Target
headband: Goody via Walgreens
purse: D&L Fashion, handed down from Shelly

I could totally wear this to my new job, right? That's why I bought this dress (50% off!) on Friday. Man, have you been to Kohl's, lately? LOVE that place! And speaking of what to wear to my new job, have you entered my Nanny Style Contest, yet?
You know that when you submit an outfit set (which is actually FUN), you're entering to win a $25 gift card to your choice of one of the four stores I shop at, regularly?
Yep! I said it. MONEY for SHOPPING! Who doesn't love that stuff?

So head over there, nizzow and dress me up!
Click the picture, below, and submit your entry before Friday evening!

Important notes:
I guest posted about pregnancy on The Frugalista Diaries, yesterday! Stop by and check out some important tips and see some of my professional maternity photos, taken by Jackie Ranson Photography!
I was also featured, today, on Blogs from the Heart at My Heart Blogged. Wonder where I shop for deals, how I make the most of my closet, and how I suggest incorporating color into your wardrobe? Head there, now!

And stay tuned! Mansome Monday is coming up in just a bit!

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