Monday, May 9, 2011

Mansome Monday: Hot for Teacher (Surprise!)

Welcome back to the greatest show on the internet – MANSOME MONDAY! Now for the millions of regular readers I do not have to tell you how much more fantastic your Mondays have become since I entered your life. But for you newbies, apart from questioning what took you so long to find Fashion Momma’s blog and let your Mansome Fashion Poppa take control of your fashion life, I am sure you are now experiencing something only that can be compared to Divine Intervention – which actually is going to be now more commonly known as MANSOME MONDAYS!

Today I am doing something a little bit different – I am taking the week off! (I will understand if you now need an hour or so you can compose yourself.) But like any good Poppa, I will never leave you. This week Mansome Monday is different – how? Although I am making the post, the outfit, stylists, and picture will not feature me (more crying, shouts, and hysteria) but instead it will feature my own very talented, fashionable, sexy, wife! This should definitely clear up any questions as to whether I (Kimberly) am married to Jason. NO. No, I am not. I am married to a man named Clarke. Jason is married to the gorgeous woman, below! I will say that I am somewhat hesitant to put her on the blog because right now I am the only one who has to deal with the paparazzi and she can live in anonymity, but after today she will be fair game to the same infringements I have, fans rushing, picture requests, etc. and she will be forever known as “Fashion Poppa’s Wife,” which by the way, is what the Preist who married us ask her, “Do you take this Mansome Fashion Poppa as your husband? And from henceforth you will be known as “Fashion Poppa’s Wife…” It was a unique ceremony on the catwalk and everything but that’s neither here nor there…

Before we get to the picture and outfit, you need to know a bit about FPW (Fashion Poppa’s Wife). They say behind every good man is a good woman, but more importantly a fashionable outfit, all of which is true and FPW satisfies not only the good woman/wife but also you will find she is very fashionable. In fact, if she is not fashionable … let’s just say she wouldn’t be a wife any more…..

FPW is a 2nd grade teacher and for those who are also teachers, I do not have to tell you that it can be difficult to dress fashionable for a job that has a stricter dress code than most. Examples: no jeans, nothing too revealing, no short skirts (and by short I mean an inch or two above the knee), no flip-flops (sandals are allowed – which you will see soon), no cleavage (the rule most students, no matter the age object the most to – I know I have done extensive polling), etc. After most hear these rules I have to assure them two things, 1. School teachers do NOT = working in a monastery and 2. One can still be Womansome or Mansome; want proof? without further delay …..

FPW is wearing a blue sundress by Ann Taylor Loft … BOOYA! And to keep with the dress code she is wearing a white shirt underneath (the shirt is also for any over ambitious students…). Many will notice FPW hair, which is naturally curly – take that Pantene! And the best part of the outfit … her shoes! BOOOM Look at those bad boys ... or girls! Bedazzled Starfish by Kristen’s Kloset  (Okay they are not bedazzled but they look like it. I included a picture for reference and for those with foot fetishes….)

Although FWP does not name her outfits like your’s truly … it does not mean I can’t name her’s for you! So I give you: “Hot for Teacher” – Looking sexy and stylish as she teaches cursive writing and simple addition! And as Van Halen once sung – “Hot For Teacher” I ask you, who isn’t?

Thanks again for all of the follows! Fashion Poppa will be back next week! Keep your comments and questions coming! Continue reading Fashion Momma’s blog and following us on twitter, FashionMomma22 and JWFaulkner! Have a good weekend and see you Monday BOOM!

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... and Jason
& FPW!

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