Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Room Sneak Peek

Some of you might know that I'm kind of obsessed with the combination of turquoise and red. It's such a fresh, beautiful, crisp pallet of colors that makes me feel warm and cozy. I've finally pulled Husband's leg juuuuust enough to let him allow me to redo our guest room in these hues and I couldn't be happier. During some of my afternoon off, yesterday, I went to Michael's Craft Store and picked up a bunch of notions for the room that are not only adorable and creative, but also very inspiring.

I refinished the little nightstand last night in Robin's Egg Blue and have a few swatches of fabric that I'll be using throughout the room as a valence, throw pillows, and possibly lamp covers. Here's just a peak at what the final product has in store.

Whatcha think?

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