Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend in Photos

We had a great time visiting my family over Memorial Day weekend! The weather was perfectly hot and humid, per tradition, and my cousin had her graduation party! Of course, I didn't get any pictures of her, because I'm awesome like that. But I did photograph what I wore (on my parents' gorgeous deck).

 dress: Old Navy
belt and shoes: Target

Little S. dressed up for the occasion, too, in one of her many new dresses from Gigi (my mom).

dress: Circo via Target
espadrilles: Baby Gap, gifted from Mell

Little S. was smitten with her Uncle Ryan (my brother) the entire weekend. He blew bubbles in her face at Ashleigh's party... She'd have flipped out if anyone else did it. But when Uncle Ryan does it? Hilarious.

On our way home from the party, we saw an entire field of Canadian geese. 
This baby with his down was really the only one worth noting.

Little S. and Daddy mowed Gigi and Pop's lawn on Sunday morning.

... And then Little S. mowed the stone pathway.

I took an "early" morning "hike" up and down (and up and down and up and down...) my parents' gorgeous gravel driveway. Uphill. Both ways. Okay, not really. It's just uphill one way, so I walked up and ran down four times, then around the house a few times. Good workout.
"early" - 9:30 a.m.
"hike" - for me? yes, hike. for most people... just an uphill jaunt.

Later, Gigi pulled out the water hose and Little S. wanted to play in it. She got sidetracked and even mows the lawn in complete style.
Thank you Aunt Marli and Nanny for Little S.' jaw droppingly gorgeous "babingsuit."

Where you lack a swimming pool, you make up for it in tin washtubs.
Worked perfectly.

My brother, the grill master:
(It took about an hour to get any meat on the grill...)

The steak.
Which I would never eat.
But apparently for steak-eaters, it was very tasty.

Happy Memorial Day to you and yours!
Here's to our troops!
Hope you're enjoying your family and staying safe.


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