Monday, May 2, 2011

Prim & Prismatic: Miss Vinyl Ahoy

Readers, it's the second installment of...
Style Bloggers and Their Use of Color

Don't forget to head on over and wish Suze a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, today!

Do you think you’re bold when choosing colors to wear? If so, what makes you so attracted to colors and why are you comfortable in them? If not, why?

I don't think I am, for me, because color is normal to me. I'm not one to shy away from wearing bright colors, weird color combinations or anything like that. To other people my choices might be crazy or bold, but they're not to me.
If you could choose to put a bright, flashy piece in your wardrobe, would you choose an accessory or a basic staple?

I'd choose an accessory, because I really want a hot pink belt right now and it's driving me crazy that I can't find the one I want to own! Ergh!

What is your favorite boldly colored wardrobe item in your closet?

I love, love, LOVE the bright purple skirt I wore in my guest post on Betsy's blog ( It's a recent addition to my closet, and I'm a little sad that it's wool, so it'll end up being put away until fall, but I just adore how BRIGHT it is! I wore it on a very dreary day, and that skirt was the best part of it. Every time I looked down I smiled! 

Do you incorporate bright colors in other aspects of your life (ie: decorating, art, gardening, etc.)?

Oddly enough, my apartment is pretty plain. My husband and I didn't paint it, we have hand-me-down furniture in colors/patterns we didn't pick and we really only decorated with posters and pictures, most of which are either from movies or our wedding. So, sadly, no! But I have dreams of one day owning a home or condo and painting the walls and having fun with things we get to pick. But, not currently.  

    Fill in the blanks:
If I could only choose one color to wear for the rest of my life, it would be some shade of green.
Most people think my personal style is eclectic because I march to the beat of my very own drum, and don't try to fit in or look like anyone else.
If I had to wear hot pink or kelly green, I’d definitely pick both, as a printed dress. That would look amazing. With navy heels. And maybe a purple belt. Depending how bright the dress is.
The craziest color combo I’ve ever rocked is a navy dress, red shirt underneath, gold tights and an aqua/pink/gold scarf. Oh, I think I also had on a red hat? 

Suze, thanks for participating in May's feature of  Prim & PRISMATIC! I really enjoyed your posts and all of your awesome outfits. I know the Fashion Momma readers will, too!

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