Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Does a Nanny Wear - CONTEST & Giveaway!

Well, someone borrowed my camera cord at work, took it home, and didn't bring it back. So I don't have a transfer cable and that means you get to pretend you see me. Fun game, right?!? At least you can see the basic idea of my outfit with this fun polyvore set!

dress: Old Navy - Still there! On sale!
henley (mine's a BIT different): Old Navy
wedges (mine are a bit different): Sbicca, via Ross
earrings (mine are a bit different): Bridesmaid gift from Casey

Know what else will be a fun game? The game where you help me put together cute outfits for my NEW JOB and win a sweet prize! Yep, that's exactly what's just about to happen. For those of you who don't follow me on twitter, though, let me fill you in. Remember how I thought I was having a heart attack on Friday, but it ended up being a severe anxiety attack? And remember how I've been re-evaluating life and my job and not being with my family or using my degree, etc? Well, my sweet friends, God gave me a sign that morning and then He answered my prayers. A faculty member who's been through the ringing with caregivers in the past few months knew that I wanted to try and take care of kids, including my own. She asked me if I'd be interested in taking the position with her family... and as much as I wanted to scream, "YES!" as soon as she asked, I was calm and cool-headed and took the weekend to discuss the options with my husband, mom, grandmother, and some other friends and family members. It was a no brainer for everyone. So, I put my resignation in at the university, yesterday, and I'll be starting my nanny position on May 16. Breaking the news to Little S' daycare provider was heartbreaking, but I hope she'll eventually understand that S. is going to be with her momma and still with other children. Little S. will stay with her Nana (that's what the kids call her) until May 27 and I'll start bringing her with me on May 30.
So, here's where I'm challenging you (because I'm lost and feel very challenged, myself!). 
What does a nanny wear?
Sweatpants are not an option. I'm still me and I want to be the stylish mom I've set out to be. But I think the wedged heels and possibly the chiffon dresses might have to fly by the wayside (or be saved for weekends, of course)! So, what do you need to do?

1. Go to Polyvore (set up a free account if you don't have one!) and create an outfit that you think I should wear as a stylish nanny. 
Please use main pieces from clothing currently found in Old Navy, Target, New York & Company, or Kohl's!
Keep in mind, I'll be taking care of four kids, including mine, playing outside, walking to the park, and feeding a 6.5 month old! Bending, lifting, cooking, and light housework are necessary. And lots of hugs are going to be happening, too.
2. Submit the link to your outfit in the comments! 
Super easy, right? I'll narrow the submitted outfits down to mine and my husband's top five favorite and we'll all have a vote! That means you get a say in who wins, too! And all of the entries are going to help me reorganize and rebuild a comfortable and chic wardrobe, so please, please play along. I'm in desperate need of your help!
ENTRIES accepted until Thursday, May 12, 11:59 ET.
United States and Canada entries, only! Sorry to my international readers.
The winner will choose a $25 giftcard from ONE of the following stores:
Old Navy
New York & Company

P.S. - You can totally submit more than one Polyvore set! Each set is one entry, so you can enter as many times as you want!


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