Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Real Yesterday

I had to fake you out, yesterday, by using a polyvore set to kind of show you my outfit! Today, I have yesterday's outfit photos and I hope you don't mind that it's almost a repeat post. I'm busy trying to get a zillion things together before I leave my current job + I have a "sick" baby with me, today. She was up, tossing and turning all night with a stuffy nose and cough. This morning, she was extra clingy and fussy, so I took her temperature and it was over 100. I brought her to work, and of course, she's full of spunk and energy. 

Yesterday was another speedy self-photography morning with the help of my trusty tripod ... I mean... grill. So, you know the drill.

dress (as skirt): Old Navy
top: Old Navy
shoes: Sbicca via Ross
headband: Goody via Walgreens
earrings: Bridesmaid gift from Casey

Oh wow, this one's almost clear.

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