Monday, May 23, 2011

The Wind Blows in Her Hair

This morning called for torrential downpours and insane thunder and lightening, so I braved the humidity and wind and tried to grab some back yard photos before heading to "the office." I bought these shorts at Old Navy, yesterday, and wished there were more colors than black and army green. I really like the comfortable tie waist, excess pockets for kleenex, bug spray, and bandaid storage, and the length is perfect for covering the part of my body I hate most. Add some colorful florals and it's a recipe for a great photo, right?

Nope, you get this sexiness.

 yellow tank: Target
floral tank: Walmart
shorts: Old Navy
flip flops: Old Navy

So, I'll just pretend I meant for the wind to split my bangs and for the humidity to be an immediate summer frizz agent. And then, in my eyes, it really was a perfect photo shoot.

For some reason, my blog posts aren't showing up in people's readers. That's really making me want to give someone the stink eye. Anyone have suggestions?

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