Monday, May 23, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic

To avoid confusion, this post was supposed to go up last night, not this morning... which is why it refers to "yesterday" as Saturday and "today" as a day of shopping. ie: I'm at work right now- NOT shopping. :)

1. I love shopping. It doesn't matter for what I'm shopping. If I'm buying, I'm happy.
2. I was just as giddy to go to Lowe's and buy weed killer, a hydrangea, tomato cages, and a sprinkler as I was to clothes shop at Old Navy for Little S. and I. 
3. This. Is. A. Problem.

I always feel best in a dress- even for errands. What about you?

dress, belt, shoes: Target
headband: Walgreen's

I got up late this morning... after last night. Hah.
And when I decided to clean off the back porch and get Little S.' summer toys ready to play with, I discovered a colony - no, a continent of slugs living in her play table and the umbrella. I broke out the clorox and salt and went to town on those slimy bad boys. It.Was.Disgusting.
There were at least 300.

But I won. Naturally.

Little S. and I went shopping at Old Navy for an hour... hours and both got lots of great things. Then we went to Lowe's and dropped some Benjamins (Okay, fine. 3/4 of a Benjamin) on the aforementioned items, which was just as exciting. And I know it's been a while since Little S. has shown her little face on the blog, but I've decided, after lots of thinking (and her stinking ridiculous bikini photo shoot, today), that I'm not opposed to showing her off, anymore.

This blog is about me being a momma. She's the reason I'm a momma.
And the crazy people that gave me trouble were clearly peeved about that ol' Food, Inc. post, which I gladly took down after losing my blog a zillion times. So, anyway, without further ado...

The cutest kid, ever:

If only we could all look that freaking perfect in a yellow bikini...

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