Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday Party ExtravEmergency

Sometimes you feel like a nut. 
Sometimes you go to a child's birthday party and you ARE the nut.
Because your child is acting like a lunatic. 
And it's awesomely embarrassing, even though you know you have a toddler and stuff like this happens...
especially when you wake your child up from nap after she's only been asleep for approximately 20 minutes... I'm sorry, what? WHO would do that. not this girl. pfft.

Throw some juice in the mix, hype said toddler up on sugar and cheetos, and offer her a balloon.
Forget about it. Recipe for disaster. And disaster, it was. As badly as I wanted to feel for Little S. in her extreme sleep deprivation, I was so mortified that she was screaming bloody murder for no other apparent reason than exhaustion. She definitely stole the show and all I could think was, "These people are not going to want me to bring my daughter with me to watch their kids. We look like part of the funny farm." But those of you with kids of your own know that we're not part of the funny farm at all. We're just normal people with a normal sleep deprived kid and sometimes, at the most inopportune moments, shit hits the fan. C'est la vie, right?

Anyway, I dressed for the occasion, and even wore my bangs down in hopes of re-attracting my husband after a week of coming home with slightly spit upon clothing, new breakouts, and frizzed out hair. He was appreciative enough to buy me a bottle of wine (that I just might finish all by myself... tonight. Don't judge.). If you're looking for a sweet and light riesling, try Relax. Holy mother of all things alcoholic, calming, embarrassment erasing, and delicious. Mmhmm. I'm drinking away my stress. What of it?

dress (you may have seen it, before): Old Navy
cardigan: Old Navy
floral (oh so cute!) flats: Target (kids clearance section! HOLLA for having bitty feet!)
 bicycle necklace: Barberry & Lace

also, holla for as I write, husband keeps coming to refill my glass. good man.

We made a run to Fresh Market, tonight. Husband was craving something from the deli and I found gorgeous nighttime lighting. Two birds? Thank you very much. Also, Relax wine came from the Fresh Market trip, for which I am getting more and more appreciative as minutes pass.

Oh shadows of the night, who cares about my face, anyway?
At least you can see the little flowers on my $4.98 shoes. Hell to the right.
Or is it "everything you own in a box to the left?"
I can't remember. Thank you, wine.

And tonight, I shall leave you with this disgruntled, yet very appreciative parental facial:

Peace. Love. Riesling.

** Sunday morning update **

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