Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clothes Hound Media & Press Release Party

After driving to Raleigh, NC for the first time in my life, going to the shops P.O. box instead of their brick and mortar location, and finally making it to the party 40 minutes late, I had such a wonderful time at the Clothes Hound media and press party!

The voice behind @shopcltheshound on Twitter is Mary, and she knew me the second I walked through the door. My semi-fear of not having anyone that I knew there was instantly gone. We connected like sistas from another mista and had a wonderful time chatting it up. Mary also introduced me to Chelsea, the writer behind Haute Child in the City, a Raleigh-based style blog.

This post officially has more pictures than any other blog post I've ever created, so please bear with me. You won't be sorry that you looked through the entire thing. I promise. Well, you might be sorry once you get to the food section if you weren't there...

door to the shop

Clothes Hound was so neat, organized, clean, and bright. The decor was inviting with bright colors, clean lines, and southern charm. I had the pleasure of meeting Bryce, the owner, and she was gushing thankfulness for my driving all the way from Greenville for the party. So sweet!

Mary's being super official with the guests. 
And I love her!

poms on a branch above the register

fitting room area

You know, my weekly weigh-ins just HAVE to be Friday mornings, right? Those cake pops looked SO GOOD and the cupcakes behind them? Forget about it. I brought one home... but no touchy. 
I wanted to. 
I just couldn't!
I COULD, however, splurge on a little dress sugar cookie! 

Throughout the store, you'll find several little doggie accessories and toys.
Bryce has done a great job with  keeping true to the boutique's name.
Several proceeds from tonight and the grand opening on Saturday will be donated to the SPCA.

I DIE for this chandelier.

Dear navy, white, and red nautical dress, I'm sorry I had to leave you at the boutique. I'm poor, you see? And the thing is... I really want to wear you on July 4th.
I just couldn't walk out with you. I'm so sorry. Hopefully we can still be friends.

corals, tans, whites, and denim

singlehandedly my MOST favorite item in the store... and I didn't look at the designer!

Gucci, Mary's dog and the official boutique mascot was making comfy on the fitting area couch.

What I'm wearing:
tweed skirt: thrifted
cream top: Charlotte Russe
belt: New York & Company
wedges: Sbicca via Ross
necklace: New York and Company

Me, Mary, and her dog (THE Clothes Hound, Gucci)

The Clothes Hound has been an online boutique based out of Durham, NC. The first brick and mortar store will open in Raleigh this Saturday, June 25, from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
The shop is located in the Brennan Station shopping center right off of Rt. 540.
At Clothes Hound, you'll find clothing from French Connection, Free People, Gentle Fawn, C. Luce, Karlie, and several others! The owner is even featuring a rack of pieces from a local design duo!

Most importantly, the Clothes Hound team is warm, inviting, helpful, and eager to please with top notch customer service. For any event from summer parties to bachelorettes to sorority events, Clothes Hound is the premier place to find designer clothes at real people prices! If you stop by, please let me know! I'd love to hear what you think!

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