Sunday, June 19, 2011

Girls' Father's Day Best

Ironically, I don't actually have photos of Husband from Father's Day. But I do have a photo of ALL FOUR of his girls!

Left to right:
Little S, Me and Bella, Zoe

dress: can't remember the brand from Ross (birthday gift from my sweet Rochelle)
shoes: Sbicca from Ross (from same shopping trip!)
hair: c/o of au natural
Little S.' dress: JCPenny's, gifted from Grandma
Little S.' shoes: Once Upon a Child Consignment
Zoe's and Bella's collars: Petsmart :)

If you follow me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook, you probably know that Zoe ran away, yesterday.
Because one near heart attack experience wasn't enough for me.
Husband was out of town for a family member's funeral and I was watering the garden yesterday morning. Zoe nudged through the very small crack in the open front door and took off. For an hour and a half. I stuck Little S. in the house with Bella and ran after her. Bad parenting. I know.
Then I ran home, put Little S. in the car and we drove. She promptly pooped everywhere after saying, "Momma! I need to poop!" She was so upset that she made a mess. Of course, I was already hysterical over the dog, so I tried to be really kind to her and tell her it wasn't a big deal and we'd clean it up.
Poor thing.
I brought her home to wash her off, and we got back in the car, Little S. was in a towel. And as I started the car, Miss Zoe showed up in the driveway. I have NO idea how she found her way back or how far she went. But I cried for an hour after she returned because I was just SO happy to see her.

Later in the day, I found a wasp in the house and texted my neighbor to see if she'd send her husband over to help me kill it. As soon as I opened the door to let him in, Zoe took off, AGAIN. I said bad words and Mr. Neighbor RAN.AFTER.HER with bare feet. For fifteen minutes. And finally caught her behind the funeral home across the street.
Mother of ALL THINGS holy and good.
You know... I really think I need to fill that anxiety med prescription that's been sitting in my center console for a month. Good for days like yesterday.
Mrs. Neighbor's cocktails also helped.

I wore this out to Husband's Father's Day dinner. I'll admit it's a little dressy for Texas Roadhouse (Husband's a steak hound), but weekends are my fashion show. And I'm taking Little S. down the runway with me, obviously.

Eventful weekend for anyone else?

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