Friday, June 17, 2011

Project Self: Don't Get Discouraged

As much as I wanted to beat myself up this morning after my weigh-in, I didn't. I felt guilty during the week when I fell off the wagon, but after talking with my boss (er? I don't think of her as my boss... but I work for her. Hey, Boss!) and my mom, I realized that sometimes it's okay to make mistakes. I can't dwell, but I need to learn from them.

This week, I didn't lose any weight. But I didn't gain any, either. I can take that. We ate out on Monday night, I had a bowl of ice cream with some peanut butter on Tuesday, and I missed my workout on Wednesday. Now I know what things will definitely sabotage my week and what makes me feel unsuccessful. The key is not to be hard on myself and move on to a new, better week.

top, pants, sports bra: Old Navy

exhausted face: c/o of doing my husband's laundry until 1 am so he can go out of town this weekend.
Husband's aunt passed away this week and I ask that you send your prayers to his family, if you have any to give. His mom, grandfather and cousin need them, especially.

So remember, if you have a slip-up, don't get discouraged. Keep on keepin' on. Don't let one bad week throw you off your game. I'm *SO* ready to get to the grocery store tonight and prepare a week full of delicious meals this weekend! 

What are you doing to stay healthy?
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