Friday, June 24, 2011

Project Self: Oh, SNAP!

What's the secret?
Good eating? Exercise? Confidence and the will to go on?
Forfeiting that amazing looking cake pop so weigh-ins aren't treacherous grounds?

Well, all of it, really!
I learned last week that one or two "bad" days or slip-ups can really sabotage weighing in. NOT that you should beat yourself up or not let yourself indulge. Because if you don't treat yourself every once in a while, you'll feel deprived and eat an entire bag of cheetos, a carton of chocolate covered pretzels, and a pint of Haagen Daas coffee ice cream.
No. Bueno.

So, I learned a little something from my neighbor this week.
Wear a rubber band around your wrist. I use a regular rubber band like the kind that hold newspapers in a roll. It's flesh colored and not noticeable by most onlookers. When you're about to do something or catch yourself doing something you shouldn't, just flick the rubber band against your wrist. 
Now, this isn't a masochistic pain-inflicting exercise. Don't go there!
The flick of the rubber band simple reminds you of what you're about to or are doing and lets you divert your attention away from the cupcake... err... bad.

Snap that rubber band, I mean.

Trust me. Last night at the Clothes Hound media and press party, I saw that table, my mouth watered, and I snapped my band. Divert... to clothes I can't afford. Worked perfectly.
And I left my money at home. Aren't you proud?

I also (re)started the c25k program this week! It's a program that allows you to do a walk/run three times a week, working up to running a 5K after 9 weeks of training. Now, I'm completely a craptastic runner. Walking? All day long. No problemo. Running? Pfft. So, it might take me 11 weeks. Or 30. But I'm going to get there! You should check it out. ESPECIALLY if you own a treadmill.
I don't, btw. I forfeited my treadmill for Zoe.

Zoe just looked at me and said, "Shut your face, Mom. I run, too."
And she does. She goes on my treks with me and makes me feel very safe and much less lonely.
Plus, that fur kid needs to run like nobody's business on MY WATCH so she doesn't try to take off, again. Or... I just need to watch my back and shut doors all the way. You know... it's whatever.

What's NOT whatever, though, is this:
3.4 down
71.2 to go.
ahem, ONE pound 'til a pedicure!

What have you done for yourself this week?
Ready. Set. LINK!

Oh, p.s. - You should probably check out/enter my
It's kind of a really big deal.

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