Thursday, June 2, 2011

Purple People Eater

If I could eat people, I would have eaten three toddlers, today.
That's all I have to say about that.

Also, did anyone catch my awesome lack of knowledge about what day of the week it is? Yesterday, I posted that I'd be back with We Love Colors Wednesday, today.
Um. Yep. We Love Colors... Thursday version.

yellow tank: Target
purple tank: Walmart
skirt: Charlotte Russe (I know, I'm appalled that I didn't just make it.)
shoes: Sbicca via Ross
fishnets: c/o We Love Colors
tan: c/o outdoor summer nannying

Now, let's be honest. It's 100 degrees, easily, with a heat index of up to 110. 
Humidity is 100%.
I run around with three toddlers, carrying an infant all day.
Did I wear fishnets and wedged sandals to work today?

Hell. No. 
For the record, I can't wait to have somewhere to wear these puppies for real. SO comfy!
But I did wear the rest! With purple flip-flops for easy removal. 
I'm on my monthly Miss P, which is totally wreaking havoc on my general comfort levels, personal body thermometer, and skin. It's really awesome.

Bella's fur is growing back just a bit and her face is getting fuzzy, again.
The poor thing lost about three pounds of fur in the Great Hair Cut of 2011.
I got her an "I love my human" tee to keep her warm in our house.

Another bit-o-random for the day?
Little S. is walking around with my blush brush, talking about putting on her make-up.
I'm in trouble.

Please don't forget to stop by and LINK UP for tomorrow's (second edition) Project Self post! I can't wait to see how you're bettering yourself!

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