Friday, June 3, 2011

Project Self: 196.8

By following the Glycemic Index Diet, I've lost just under three pounds in one week!!! 
I swear, if you haven't read The G.I. Diet book, you really should get your hands on it! It's amazing! Everything just makes so much sense for the first time. LOGIC. It's awesome.

This week, I wanted to talk about my garden! I'm I'm loving growing veggies, again, this year and my plants are looking so good! If you have a little space in your yard, you should try to grow a few of your own veggies and herbs- even if you can only manage a tomato plant and a pepper. Heck! If you have a patio, you can grow them in pots!

left to right:
zucchini, basil, oregano, three tomatoes, three tomatillos

The zucchini looks like a lush rain forest and therefore, is my pride and joy.

Look! Little baby zucchinis are on their way!
Come on! Can't wait to eat you all up!

If you look closely, the little green ball is the very first tomato coming! And of course there are lots of blooms with a promising future. Can't wait to mix the tomato and basil for some cheeseless caprese salad!

Friends, I'm telling you something. If you put in the hard work, sweat, and time to plant, grow, and tend to your own vegetables and herbs, you're going to use them! Who doesn't want to reap the benefits of their own hard work? HELLO! Go plant yourself a vegetable! (or fruit!)

This morning for breakfast, I had a delicious meal, including a fat, carbohydrate, and protein. It's so important to include all three in each meal and snack, as they all help each other break down into the proper nutrients that your body needs for fuel and brain power.

left: mixed berries with 1/4 cup of vanilla greek yogurt, sprinkled with 2 tsp. wheat germ
right: vegetable pancake (shredded carrots, sweet potato, scallions, garlic, one egg white, some garlic powder)


2.8 down
76.8 to go.

Ready, set, LINK!

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