Saturday, July 30, 2011

Intense Adoration: THE BAG

Okay, so I don't ever have anything fancy to share with you guys. I read so many blogs that feature designer clothes, shoes, and bags, and I'm perfectly fine over here in Targetland and Old Navy City. HowEVER, I have had my sights set on a Coach purse for at least 7 years. At least. Husband told me that he wanted to propose with one (ring inside). Then when that didn't happen, he wanted to give me a pair of diamond earrings in one. And when that didn't happen, I just wandered through the Coach outlet, aimlessly, looking, touching, smelling, and fully taking in the beauty... knowing it probably wasn't in my Wal-Mart budget reach. I was right.
Enter: The wedding last week. I was *this* stressed out. I mean trying to corral a 2.5 year old, take care of myself, nomad through northern Virginia, oh... and be an active part of all the pre-wedding and wedding events, I just kind of lost it. Thankfully, my mom slipped me (err... let me have) two of her Xanax before I left her house earlier in the week. She warned me, faithfully, to only take half a pill at a time. Well, that worked great until the day of the wedding, when I flaked out and left my last half of a pill in my glasses case at the hotel. By the time we were on our way to the reception, I called my brother's cell phone, frantically asking for mom in fear that a panic attack was right around the corner. He said, "I have something better than a Xanax. Meet me outside the reception site and I'll take care of it." So, I'm still frantic, thankful that my brother is going to give me drugs... then wondering where my brother scored something better than Xanax.

I met him outside the restaurant in the Galleria and he said, "Come with me for a minute. Just a minute." And I went with him down the escalator. I'm still wondering what illegal drugs he has hidden in his wallet in the moment. And he taps my shoulder, points straight forward (to the Coach store), and says, "You don't need a Xanax. You need a Coach bag." Then, I hyperventilated and said I needed a Xanax to deal with this shock. We had about 3 minutes until people started looking for me at the reception and of course, I walked in, looked for five seconds, and found IT. IT, my friends. IT. THE BAG.

After a week in its beautiful gift box, which the sales person wrapped right in front of me, knowing I'd had a tough day, I finally decided that my house is safe enough. You don't understand. I don't own things like this. I'm still in shock and can't believe this happened to me. One thing you should know about my brother is that his heart is 10 sizes too big and his wallet is lots bigger than mine. Okay, those were two things about my brother. Basically, he has a bit of a spending problem. And this time, I couldn't come up with a good lecture for him.

Thanks, Ry. :)

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