Friday, July 29, 2011

Project Self: They Got Married

... and I slacked off.

If you've been reading all week, you know I've been sharing each day of my brother-in-law's (and new sister-in-law's) wedding! Obviously, we ended up at a wedding at the end of the three day celebration and THIS is what we wore:

(excuse the quality- we did a quickie photo shoot with our car trunk as the tripod between the ceremony and reception!)

on me: dress - Light in the Box, shoes: Cabrizi
on him: Everything's rented from Men's Wearhouse
on Little S.: dress - Cinderella collection (from Burlington), socks: Target, shoes: Stride Rite, bow: local artist

If the bride hadn't stolen the show with her gorgeous dress and pink high top Chucks, this little one would have taken the cake! (The groom had blue high top Chucks to match!)

basket: A.C. Moore

And as Husband climbed in the car to rush over to the reception site, I basically threw the camera at him and begged for this shot! I originally hated this dress (because it didn't fit) and after some alterations, matching it up with the hairstyle (which I tweaked a bit on my own), and finding white shoes that I could live with, I think the whole look turned out very classy. Please ignore the beads of sweat all over my face. It was only 100 degrees.

And it's Project Self time! I swear I haven't given up on my journey! I'm still at the very beginning! But coming home from a week of busy chaos eating pretty much whatever I want, I've had a difficult time getting back on my regular 5-6 small meals a day + regular workouts. Zoe wants to kick my ass, I swear. She's like, "Hey, mom... I'm bored. Take me running. Now." And I'm like, "Oh my GAAAHHH, it's a million degrees outside. YUCK!" So, instead of going running and suffocating, I decided to buy Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30 DVD. Best idea of my life. And by best idea, I totally mean that I can't feel my arms, my legs are cramped, and although I only finished the first workout last night and second this morning, I don't know how I could possibly make it to day 3, much less WEEK 3 (there are four weeks). But the quote from Jillian, "I have one job and that's to make you look crazy, ridiculous, sick, insane, amazing," totally sold me.

So, here's the news of the week....
0.8 up
70.6 to go.

The gain was well deserved, although it's hindering to see the scale to up, even when I didn't work hard to make it go down. So, my friends, HOW do YOU get back on track after vacation?
If your secret is to never get off track, you are superperson and I cannot follow your ways.

Are you taking great care of yourself? Exercise? Healthy eating? Well-being? Share it with us! Project Self is a BLOG HOP!

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