Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wedding Day: The Hair Appointment

Yesterday, I mentioned that I HAD to go to Forever 21 in the mall. The real reasoning behind that shopping trip was that I completely neglected to bring something to wear for our hair appointment on Saturday morning. Sure, I could have worn pretty much anything I had in my suitcase, but the truth of the matter is that I needed something that unbuttoned or that I could take off down my body, without messing up my hair. Enter: my first maxi dress (other than the one I made a while back). Also enter: I didn't carry my sewing machine on my trip... silly me. Therefore, I had to pick up the most INSANELY high heels of all creation (think Megan). Unfortunately, I forgot to take OOTD pictures amidst the mad chaos that was Saturday morning and luckily, the MOH had these gems on her facebook page. I guess I'll just have to recreate the outfit for you and photograph the shoes, too!

Warning: These photos are rated PG-13 for mad cleavage. The ladies are crazy. I can't help it.

dress, shoes (not pictured), necklace: Forever 21
clutch: Target

I wanted to live in this dress for the entirety of the weekend, but I had to change into my bridesmaid dress around 2 p.m. So... I wore it, again, on Sunday. New group of people. They were never the wiser. Until now...

For those of you who are following my Project Self posts, I've DEFINITELY hit a road block this week. Coming back from semi-vacay has been so difficult for me. Jumping back on the bandwagon as far as a regular workout schedule and planned meals just hasn't happened, yet. Stay tuned for this Friday when I ask YOU for tips on how to get back in the swing. Included in tomorrow's post will be the culmination of the wedding weekend outfit posts, including the best man (ie: Hubs), the flower girl (ie: Little S.) and a bridesmaid (ie: me). 

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