Friday, July 22, 2011

Project Self: Goal 1!

It took me a while to finally get to it, but I celebrated meeting my first goal on Tuesday! You might remember how I talked about my reward system a little over a month ago and now that I've finally indulged in a "prize," I can't wait to meet my next goal! At 180, I'mma get somethin' sexylicious to make me feel extra good about all the hard work I'm doing! I encourage you to do the same! There's nothing like celebrating your new body in something you look and feel excellent in!

I just realized, however, that I need to edit my reward system because I've already done a few of the things on it... Oopsie. Honestly, I couldn't have gone any longer without new running shoes. My knees and shins were hurting and after a jog, I felt like the bottoms of my feet were standing on concrete for days. My best friend also gave me highlights while I was visiting my family's cabin, so I kind of did that, but I'll probably still do it again and go all out at 160. I guess I only have to change the 170 reward. So let's see...

170 - three new workout outfits
There ya have it. Documented.

I took Little S. with me to get my pedicure and they did her toes for free! I went a head and got a full set of acrylics since we're in the wedding this weekend and I felt like I really needed a rewarding afternoon after finding out my tooth (yes, that SAME tooth that's been giving me hell since last August) is going to have to be extracted. I cried my eyes out, went to Tropical Smoothie, and walked right over to the nail place. Take that, stupid tooth.

I let the people convince me that I wanted pink and white gel nails instead of an acrylic French manicure. They showed me examples and I have no idea what the difference is... So I went for this one. And then I realized this was $20 more expensive. Duh.
Oh well... I deserved it, right?

NEWS OF THE WEEK! I don't have access to a scale this week, so I'm sticking with last week's weight to be safe.
0 down
69.8 to go

Since we're out of town for my BIL and future 
(as of TOMORROW) 
SIL's wedding, I've been working my tail off in the hotel fitness center. For the love... No rest for THIS woman! Do you work out when you're on the go?

Ready. Set. LINK!

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