Wednesday, July 20, 2011

think pretty thoughts

In keeping with thanking my lovely giveaway donors, next up is the sweet, sexy, and super strong blogger behind think pretty thoughts, Katy. Katy donated a skype session with a beginner diet and exercise plan, tailored for the winner's wants, needs, and goals. She did the same for me a while back and her advice has really helped me kickstart my new lifestyle. Katy is not only chock full of awesome information, but her writing style is addicting. She'll become your best friend in the matter of two sentences and you'll definitely be going back for more! Wait 'til you see how gorgeous she is, too! Here's what Katy had to say!

"Hi, I'm Katy! My blog is called think pretty thoughts. How would I describe myself? Basically, a lady in the kitchen, but a freak in the gym.  I post outfits, workouts, and nutrition tips and advice. I've been known to become best friends with readers. Come hang out!"

It's kind of hard to take all the pretty, right? NO. You think she's drop dead gorgeous, now? Wait 'til you get a taste of that personality. Total package? Lucky Charlie. 

Thanks, again, Katy!

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