Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Get the Green

Yesterday was singlehandedly one of the busiest days I've had in months. Little S. and I left the houseat 11 in the morning and didn't come home 'til after 4:30 in the afternoon. We got shoes for my BIL and future SIL's wedding this weekend (I'm a bridesmaid), ruffly socks for Little S. (she's the flower girl), dresses for us to wear to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, had lunch (at Target, because we roll like that), dropped some items off at the post office (I feel like I live there), went to my dentist to get a release and send stuff to a *new* dentist... I feel like there were more errands, but I'm scatterbrained and don't remember anything past those. 

I took the erranding opportunity to get dressed for real, which I haven't done almost the entire time I've been off work this month! I was glad to find that my skinny jeans fit me, again! And I haven't had the chance to wear this shirt since I bought it last year. I purchased it online from New York & Company and when it arrived, it was the ugliest shade of mint green and made me look completely sick. My skin got all yellow and it was really not becoming, so I pushed it to the back of my closet. When I pulled it out in April, it didn't zip on the side, so I slapped it in the yard sale pile. Ugly color + too small? Forget about it. Well, I decided to give it a new life with some RIT dye and overdyed it to a darker green. Then I kept it in my "we'll see if I can wear these clothes in a few months" pile. Voila. 

I'm still not sold on the color, though. What do you think?

blouse: New York & Company
jeans: Charlotte Russe
flats: Gap (handed down from Whitney)

Wow. My boobs look really good in this top.
Did I just say that?

I won these beautiful earrings by Cat Moore Design from a celebratory giveaway on Fatale Fashion! I love them so much and can't wait to wear them all.the.time! Thank you to Cat and Ariana! These babies are so lightweight, I don't even know I'm wearing them!

Here's to a busy rest of the week! We're heading to VA tonight, getting new tires on the car in the morning (not by choice, but out of necessity... ughhhh), driving from Husband's parents' place to mine, staying the night there, then traveling to the DC area on Thursday to start celebrating wedding festivities! Hopefully I'll have some posts pre-written, but rest assured there will be LOTS of pictures upon our return! Husband is the best man, I'm a bridesmaid, and Little S. is the flower girl. We'll be dressed to impress all weekend long! Then it's back to work on Monday! 

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