Monday, July 18, 2011

A Blonde Ambition

Remember how last week, I featured Meredith, because she's amazing and donated to my giveaway? Today, I'm featuring the lovely Leslie of A Blonde Ambition! She's a wonderful blog friend who has helped me completely re-look at the way I view personal style. Leslie put together a beautiful online personal style portfolio for me last year and donated the same type of e-Style session to our giveaway winner! When I asked Leslie to tell us a little about herself, here's what she had to say!

"Hi y'all! I'm Leslie and I'm the blonde behind A Blonde Ambition! I'm southern, newly engaged and well-caffeinated. I started my blog in July 2009 as a way to catalog all of my random thoughts and ideas and along the way have met some pretty incredible people. My blog is all about, well, pretty much darn near everything. On any given day, you could find fashion tips, home decor, event planning advice or random personal's a delightful mish-mash, really. Come on over and say hey!"

Leslie's blog is bright, inviting, sweet, and inspirational. Please give her a visit, stick around, and make yourself at home with all of her southern charm! Thank you, girl! 

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