Saturday, August 6, 2011

For the Love of a T-Shirt

Guys, I totally skipped Project Self yesterday! I got home from work, did some laundry and cleaning, went to dinner with my family, got home late, and completely forgot. Just so you know, I weigh the same as last week! Exactly the same! But... my clothes are fitting me better and I totally *see* a difference in the mirror. So maybe now that I'm really on this Jillian Michaels bandwagon, this week will show a shift in numbers!

Like I said, we went to dinner last night... and as much as I love dressing up and putting on some heels, I had a LONG work week and was completely exhausted by 6:00 last night. Little S. and I made a pit stop at Old Navy on our way home from work and I picked up this super comfy grey t-shirt (how did I not have one of these in my life?). My jeans fit perfectly (no muffin top!) and I had another opportunity to wear my fake-out Keds. Hello, comfy night!

*I had my camera with me, but when I whipped it out for photos, the battery was dunzo. These are the best we could catch with our phone!

shirt: Old Navy
scarf: Old Navy
jeans: Charlotte Russe
shoes: Target
bag: Bath & Body Works (on of those free gift things)

And now, my MIL is on her way over, Husband is vacuuming, the dog is running away from the vacuum, Little S. is napping, and I'm about to go scrub some carpet stains, finish folding laundry, and change the bed. Happy Saturday to you and yours!

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