Monday, August 8, 2011

Bohemian Sparkle

My MIL came on Saturday and after dinner, she watched Little S. so Husband and I could see a movie. If you're in the market to laugh your bum off, go see Horrible Bosses! Jennifer Aniston is my hero. The end. It's not really the end, though...

You might recognize my "skirt" as the Forever 21 dress I wore to get my hair done for my BIL's & SIL's wedding. Well, the cheapie pieces that it is had broken straps by the second wear. And instead of fixing them, since I'm too lazy and don't feel like breaking out my sewing machine (sorry to the several pairs of brand-spanking-new pants that still need hemming), I chopped off the top portion with my pinking shears and called it a day. Now, it just has that cinched elastic at the top instead of under the breast, making an empire waistline. And I'm just gonna belt the darn thing, because I'm mega short and the length works way better this way. I wore it belted earlier in the day, but knowing me and knowing movie theaters, I was prepared to freeze, lost the belt, and added this sequined long sleeved tee. And then Husband and I broke the cardinal rule of blog photography. We took pictures. In the dark. Without a tripod. Oopsie.

dress as skirt: Forever 21
sequined tee: New York & Company
sandals: Target
earrings: Target

One of these days I hope to get better photos of this dress. I've had two chances and both haven't done the design and color justice. Maybe I'll just wear it once a week.

If you're looking for something to fill your Monday with happiness, check out Aston on YouTube! I think someone grabbed all of the most attractive classical musicians and stuck 'em in a group. They're amazingly talented!!!

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