Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trendy Tots Tuesday: Blue & Yellow

On Saturday, I wrote about wearing a t-shirt to dinner. Contrary to my outfit choice, Little S. wore a new dress from Old Navy. And she looks amazing, does she not? Of course, I'm totally biased, but I pretty much can't handle how blue her eyes are with this blue dress and how perfectly her little yellow espadrilles match (thanks, Mell!). Mostly, I love how I didn't edit out the giant scrapes on her shins from when she was trying to come tell me she needed to go potty and fell on the bricks... and then pottied in her panties. It was traumatic. And I could have edited those cute little shins or opted not to tell you that my perfect little girl had an accident while she was screaming from falling.

But this is my life.
Some people edit their pictures to perfection.
I crop them to 4 x 6 and call it a day.

dress: Old Navy
shoes: baby Gap, handed down from Mell
bow: local artist

And this, my friends, is what Yo Gabba Gabba will do to your child. I don't care WHO you are, but if you're above the age of 12, that show will probably freak you out. Ages 6 months to 5, however... magic. And funny faces, obviously.

Link up with your trendy tot this week!!! Can't wait to see him/her!

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