Wednesday, August 10, 2011


First, I want to to send out a big "Hi!" to my newest readers! Thanks for stopping by and deciding to stick around. It's a little crazy up in here! But it's all real and I'm so glad to have you! If you'd like to connect more, always feel free to find me on twitter or email me!

My family and I started being regular church-goers just a few weeks ago and I cannot say enough great things about our church! There's *so* much music, which you all know is my favorite. And it's cool, casual, and very oriented toward our generation. Our preacher teaches the Bible in terms that I can relate to my every day life and... well, like I said, I can't say enough good things! Little S. is loving Sunday school, too. She adores playing with kids her age and when we pick her up, she tells me all the things she learned. When I took her to the bathroom after Sunday school last weekend, she said, "Mommy, "God's not scary. He's fun. God's happy to see me and God's waiting for me to go potty." I.LOVE.THAT.KID.

I've had this cardigan hanging around for a while. I dyed it back in April and have only worn it once since the incident. I was trying to take it from white to mustard, but as you can see, it turned more tangerine. And I finally found something perfect to wear with it! Can you believe I overlooked this dress? I've only worn it a zillion times (ahem, it goes with all of my awesome tights).

dress: Filene's Basement
cardigan: Motherhood (self-dyed)
belt: Old Navy
wedges: Target

I should really wear my hair wavy/curly more often. It might just be a better look for me. Maybe we'll have a side-by-side photo post and you guys can vote. What do you think? I'm always leaning toward straight looking better, but now that I stare at these two photos, I think it's looking like it could use some body. And I have that naturally. WHY do I fight the nature?

Have any of you ever altered a piece of clothing and then been at a loss for how to style it?

p.s. - I put up a teaser for my new guest bath and promised a post for last weekend. That totally didn't happen. Can I make it up to you this Saturday? 

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