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Prim & Prismatic: The Stylish Housewife

Style Bloggers and Their Use of Color

8.1.11 - The Stylish Housewife
Jenn is a beautiful stay-at-home mom who started her blog in hopes of having more motivation to get dressed each day. I can definitely relate to that! Her style is classic and crisp and I love her understated use of color! Please stop by and give my girlfriend some sweet lovin'!
Do you think you’re bold when choosing colors to wear? If so, what makes you so attracted to colors and why are you comfortable in them? If not, why?

Color is pretty new for me. I have always been a neutrals kinda girl but starting this blog has REALLY helped me to be comfortable with adding color to my outfits.
If you could choose to put a bright, flashy piece in your wardrobe, would you choose an accessory or a basic staple?
Definitely an accessory!!! You can change the look of any outfit with just a pop of color. Although right now my manicures have become one of my favorite accessories! 
What is your favorite boldly colored wardrobe item in your closet?
I am addicted to my orange Forever21 maxi skirt because it is just SO comfortable but I LOVE my kelly green and striped Shabby Apple dress too!
Do you incorporate bright colors in other aspects of your life (ie:decorating, art, gardening, etc.)?
Not really! My house is FULL of neutrals...lots of tan, browns, creams. Kinda like my old wardrobe! I better get working on that!!!
Fill in the blanks:
- If I could only choose one color to wear for the rest of my life, it wouldbe some shade of *orange*.
- Most people think my personal style is *trendy* because *I love to try all of the new trends! I even recently tried the scarf turban which I never thought I would do. I've probably gone to far if you catch me in harem pants...I wore the mc hammer pants when I was in high (and I'm still embarrassed)*.
- If I had to wear hot pink or kelly green, I’d definitely pick *kelly green*
- The craziest color combo I’ve ever rocked is *hot pink, turquoise and yellow*.
Thanks for sharing a little color with us, Jenn!

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