Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trendy Tots Tuesday is BACK!

Get excited! It's time to share your tots with the blogosphere again! We're all proud of our little ones and all of their cuteness, so if you're itching to share a chip off the ol' block, link up below with a photo post about your mini-me! Trendy Tots Tuesday will be going up on a little bit of this each Tuesday, but I'll keep the link party going 'til Friday! Can't wait to see your cutie!

And here's mine:

dress: Once Upon a Child (consignment)
bow: local artist
sandals: Stride Rite

Little S. is donning gingham and bows for church over the weekend! This was also the morning after her very first hair cut (my mom almost had a heart attack over the phone when I told her we did it). Basically, we just got the ends evened up and the little piece in the back that was growing 800 times faster than everything else trimmed. No big deal. It was kind of awesome and Little S. totally loved it! For the record, she also had a great time in Sunday school.

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