Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Denim & Khaki

I've had this denim jacket for over a year and I think I've worn it once or twice. I never know how to style it, but I just had to have it when I found it in the store. I had all of these hopes and dreams of wearing it with cute sundresses and thong sandals or skirts and boots. But when the moment arrives, my creativity always escapes me.

This outfit is a great example of that, because what's more streamlined than to pair a denim jacket with a t-shirt and chinos? You know what, though? Tried and true just works. I'm pleased with the outcome of the simple look and it was perfect for a morning at church and lunch with friends. I stayed warm in the crisp autumn weather and didn't fall into wearing black pants and a cardigan like I had laying out on my bed before getting dressed. Not that there's anything wrong with that combo- AT ALL. I just like to step out of the norm on weekends since I'm constantly losing my opportunity for creativity while wearing yoga pants and t-shirts during the week!

top: LOFT
chinos: Old Navy
denim jacket: American Eagle
heels: Mudd via Kohl's

In other news, we met with some new friends for lunch on Sunday (when I wore this) and I'm so happy to have them in our lives! A & A are wonderful people and I look forward to spending more time with them and furnishing a long-lasting friendship!

What's your go-to look with a denim jacket?

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