Monday, September 12, 2011

Loving The Hollie Rogue

Have you ever stopped by a new blog and absolutely fallen in love?
That's what happened when I found The Hollie Rogue

Andi is a beautiful stay-at-home mother of two, loving wife, and aspiring photographer. Her blog speaks volumes about her passion for life and love for Jesus. Andi's career as an elementary school teacher has been put on hold, but that doesn't get her down! She's a country girl who lives in the big city 'burbs, and adores crafting and vintage antiques!

Andi started blogging when her son was diagnosed with craniosynostosis at 2 months old and she wanted to document the process and keep family and friends updated. Like many of us who begin our blogs for a specific reason, the hobby has turned in to much, much more for Andi as well! Her favorite thing about being a momma is the love and joy her children bring to her life every day. She especially loves cuddles after bath time and jammies!

If Andi could describe herself as a color, she'd choose Purple because with one boy and one girl, she's always trying to be the best combination of both!

Visit The Hollie Rogue and fall in love just like I did. Don't forget to link up on Photo Friday where Andi documents her journey as a newbie photographer and shares tips and tricks on getting your own great photos!

You can find The Hollie Rogue on facebook and twitter!

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