Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trendy Tots Tuesday: Sparkle

This isn't much of a trend post so much as an adorable kid experience post. Little S. in jammies and me in sweats and leggings wasn't exactly a "get dressed and take photos" moment, but what happened in actuality is much, much better. As you know, if you read Saturday's post, my best friend got married over the weekend. We sent the happy couple off with gigantron sparklers and as Husband and I left to go home, we saw a jillion more of these babies sitting outside the reception site. We grabbed 3 so Little S. could experience the magic, too!

on Little S -
jammies: Carter's
flip-flops: Old Navy

on me -
Sweatshirt and sports bra (since you can see the straps): Old Navy
tank: WalMart
leggings: New York & Company
earrings: Bridesmaid gift from Jen
necklace: Christmas gift from Husband (2007)

I was so proud of our girl. Husband and I both thought she'd freak out about the sparklers and be afraid to hold one. I'm terrified of fire, so I'm especially nervous of my kid being around it. But she did really well and kept saying, "I have a pretty firework!" I'm glad we got to light them together!

How are you and your tot? Any pictures to share this week!?

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