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Prim & Prismatic - A Working Mom's Closet

Happy Labor Day, lovely friends! I hope all of you are enjoying the rest of your three-day weekend. While I have the morning off, it looks as though I'll be working this afternoon. As much as I'd rather be finishing up my sewing projects and trying to finally get some things uploaded into my {still} work-in-progress Etsy shop, I need the money even more. Enough about ME, though. Know why? One of my dearest blogger friends has agreed to be featured in September's Prim & Prismatic post and I couldn't be happier to show her off!

Style Bloggers and Their Use of Color

Melissa is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I've connected with during my time in the blogosphere. I'm so blessed to call her my real friend, even though we haven't met IRL, yet. Melissa is a mother of one little girl, "The Princess," she works full time, has helped me realize how important it is to let God back into my life, and blogs over at the sweet little internet corner, A Working Mom's Closet. Be sure to stop by and give my friend some love!

Do you think you're bold when choosing colors to wear? If so, what makes you so attracted to colors and why are you comfortable in them? If not, why?

I think I can be bold sometimes. Turquoise and orange was a fun one that I hadn't seen on anyone else but I decided to try it one day. I have definitely become bolder in my choices since writing a style blog. I've actually combined black and brown! Granted, that doesn't sound like a bold combination but mixing neutrals was a crazy idea to me until a few months ago. I used to only wear neutrals with one color too, but I've discovered that it's become unusual for me to wear less than two colors. I typically have to accent with some other color. What's difficult for me is not wearing any color. An all neutral outfit scares me a little. 

If you could choose to put a bright, flashy pice in your wardrobe, would you choose an accessory or basic staple? 

I'd choose a basic staple, definitely. I love color, it's a happy thing, it can be combined with all neutrals and other colors and it brightens the mood. Why limit that to just an accessory?

What is your favorite boldly colored wardrobe item in your closet?

My belts, I think. I have them in red, pink, yellow, orange, turquoise... lots of colors. And I belt pretty much every outfit, so it stands to reason that I would have lots of boldly colored belts. 

Do you incorporate bright colors in other aspects of your life (ie: decorating, art, gardening, etc.)?

Well... I don't garden. As far as decorating, I haven't had many opportunities to decorate they way I'd like, so I can't really say. I think if I had the space to do whatever I wanted, and money were no object, I would probably choose brighter colors. With art, I tend to use photographs of family more than any other type of art.

Fill in the blanks:
- If I could only choose one color to wear for the rest of my life, it would be some shade of...
Yellow? Maybe? Yellow seems to go with almost every other color, so it could be combined with lots. Unless I couldn't wear any other color at all. In which case I'd probably choose teal or purple, because I like those.

- Most people think my personal style is...
Put-together. I wouldn't say trendy because I don't necessarily follow all the trends.

- If I had to wear hot pink or kelly green, I'd definitely pick...
Um... I'd probably wear them together. That sounds like a fun combo!

- The craziest color combo I've ever rocked is...
Probably the teal and orange. And I loved it!

Thank you SO much to Melissa for participating in Prim & Prismatic this month! I loved seeing your outfits and reading about your love and use of color! Everyone, make sure to go check her out at A Working Mom's Closet!

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