Sunday, September 4, 2011

Styling maurices: Roundup

Happy Sunday, everyone! All week I've been running a series called "Styling maurices." If you've kept up, you know that I had the opportunity to meet with my district maurices New Market Branding Lead, Kristie, and after we sat down and talked for a bit, she introduced me to Greenville's new store and the different "lines" within the maurices brand. Then, I got to have a personal styling session where I was the client! It was kind of amazing to be on the other end of the mirror for a few hours. The store associates were so sweet to stay and keep teh store open while Kristie and I wrapped up with all of my pieces (I literally took home half of the store). Kristie kept brining outfit pieces to me that were just barely outside of my normal style zone, which was awesome. I wanted to try something fresh and new but stay comfortable and true to myself. Kristie listened to everything I said and while we walked through the store, she picked up notes on what I loved and what I was completely disinterested in (there wasn't much!). I could have left the store with way more than I did, but I was battling between whether or not my husband was going to leave me for the money I was spending or be ready to have another baby with me because my butt looked so good in that black mini skirt. Thankfully, maurices was kind enough to provide me with a $100 gift card to use toward my purchase and I didn't do as much damage to my bank account as I could have without the kind gesture.

So, what is that you need to know about the maurices experience? Let's break it down:

- Sizes 1-24
- Everything from work-out gear to casual to office to semi-formal attire
- Denim, denim, DENIM!
- Great plus size selections
- Shoes and accessories up with the latest trends
- Great quality, affordable variety
- Employees that GO THE DISTANCE!

Basically, if you love t-shirts and jeans, maurices is for you. If you are required to dress up for work, maurices is for you. If you frequent happy hour with the girls, go dancing, or want to look extra hot on your date thsi weekend, maurices.IS.FOR.YOU. I'm not sure I know anyone that couldn't walk into the store and choose five things that would fit perfectly into their current closet. If you have a store near you, go check it out! You'll love it. If you're a maurices shopper already, let me know in the comments below and tell me why you love them! And if you're not lucky enough to have a local maurices store, check them out online!

Which look from the Styling maurices series did you like best? 

Vote for your favorite maurices look!

* This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and are my own.
* I was gifted a $100 gift card from maurices that went toward about half of my total purchase.

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