Saturday, September 3, 2011

Styling maurices: Texture

I'm not one for minis or pencil skirts, so when Kristie brought this to my fitting room, I was hesitant. Anything that shows everything going on around my tummy and bum isn't usually a win in my opinion, but the texture of this Pull on Textured Skirt hides and shows off at the same time. It's like elastic magic. I didn't know if I was fully sold until I walked out and Kristie said, "Ohhh, Hubby's gonna LOOOVE that one!" Okay, so a skirt that feels like a nightgown that makes my butt look good? Umm, sold.

Like I said, this type of skirt is totally new to me, so any styling ideas would be greatly appreciated! I know a black pencil style skirt is probably one of the most basic wardrobe pieces one could own and in most people's minds, this is probably not rocket science. But I really am at a loss and I want to make good use of this gorgeous and comfortable piece. I really want to play with wearing it at the waist and then pull it up to be more of a high waisted skirt. I hope to get some good ideas before our vacation at the end of September so I can wow hubby on a date! Email me your black pencil skirt styling ideas at alittlebitofthisblog{at}gmail{dot}com!

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