Friday, September 2, 2011

Project Self Teamed Up With Styling maurices: Modal

Today's a double whammy, kiddos. Can you take the heat? I couldn't break my Styling maurices week because I still have two outfits to share with you and, well... It's Friday! So I'm jam packing this post with another sweet steal from my newest favorite store and the weekly weigh-in that I know you all wait for on the edge of your seats. Next week, we'll back on par with discussing healthy stuff. For today, let me just focus on whatever weight loss I've had and how it makes my boobs stand out from my stomach for the first time since before I had Little S. Yes, it's an accomplishment. There was about a 2-ish year span around here where everything kind of meshed into one big... blob. And now? Voila. Boobs. I've always had 'em, but now they can take the cake, again. Yes, I just went there.

If you love layering, comfort, color, and basics, you have got to try this Solid Scoop Neck Tank from maurices! My suggestion is if you like your layering tanks to be fitted, size down one from the size you wear in the rest of maurices tops. Kristie chose this for me to try on under some other things, and it hugs my body perfect, adds just the right amount of color, covers my bra straps, and stays put. I hate when camis ride up while you're wearing them! While the tank can be used as a layering piece, don't be afraid to let it stand on its own, either. The fit and colors are so great, so why not?!

I paired this maroon tank with an orange skirt and brown and green accessories for a fresh autumn look that's also perfect for HOKIE FOOTBALL! I love the idea of tucking these tanks into skirts because they show off my curves.

I wear a tank under almost everything. What about you? And do you ever let your layering tanks take the stage?

And the stats for this week are...
last week's weight: 182.4
current weight: 181.0
down: 1.4
lbs. to go: 61

LINK UP with yo' healthy self, girlfriend!

p.s. my bum still hurts from getting stung by a bee yesterday morning. 

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