Thursday, September 15, 2011


When you're up against a 5 hour car trip with a toddler and two dogs, you must be many things. A few of the most important things to be are:
- Comfortable
- In washable clothing
- Prepared with snacks
- Wearing shoes that are easy to put on and take off
- Warm (because husband will blast you to Alaska with the AC)
- Able to reach your child from your seat

In all honesty, the only ones I thought of were comfortable and prepared with snacks. I froze my butt off, wasn't able to reach Little S. very well, and my shoes were easy to take on and off, but I lost them under the baggage or seat somewhere along the ride, so stopping for a pee break was a pain.

This was what I wore on our trip to northern Virginia to stay at my parents' on Thursday night, drop the kiddo and dogs off, and head to my best friend's wedding weekend. I was well-equipped with carbohydrate packed snacks and ill-equipped with blankets, pillows, and warmer sweatshirt attire.

tank: WalMart
leggings: New York & Company
sweatshirt thing: Old Navy
flats: Target (little girl section)
bag: Coach, gifted from my sweet little bother

Next time I travel, I'm so wearing mascara and brushing my hair.
Pffft. Who am I kidding? That's a BOLD FACED LIE.

What do you wear while traveling? And how do you stay equipped to keep kiddos happy?

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