Monday, November 14, 2011

Guest Post: Meredith of Yours, Mine & Ours

Good morning, a little bit of this readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I had a lot of quality family time, spent two days with my dear new friend, M., adopted a dog for my parents (photos to come!), crafted my heart out, and lined up some wonderful guest posters for you this week! I have had some personal things going on lately that have taken my attention away from the blog. As much as I hate that (since I love YOU!), I've had to re-prioritize a bit and I knew taking a week off would help me get things in gear. That said, Monday-Thursday this week, you'll be graced by the writings of some of my favorite momma style bloggers. Today, you'll meet Meredith of yours, mine & ours! She's kind of amazing. Just sayin'. Stay tuned the rest of the week to meet some ladies you'll be sure to love! Thanks, Meredith! You're always such an awesome friend!

Hey guys! I'm Meredith and I blog over at yours, mine & ours.
If I had to sum up what I'm all about in a few words I'd say: modest, mom, and cheap thrifty.

Today the topic is fitting style into motherhood. I have a two year old little boy and he is where the wild things are. All day I'm playing sports, wiping up food, building forts and praying nap time would hurry up and come already. He's a handful and I love him. But I also love fashion. How do I mesh the two of them together? 

Here are the top three things that come to mind for me:
1. Buy second hand. I've been a thrifter my whole life and after having a kid I'm even more so. If something of mine gets stained beyond belief I don't freak out, it was most likely 2 bucks (not to say that we're intentionally messy/wasteful over here but stains happen). 

2. You CAN wear heels ... but choose wisely. I love my heels and wedges. I don't love crushing tiny toes that might be underfoot. (True story. :( I know!) So I wear my fun shoes when appropriate/safe: girls night out, church, date night, to the store, etc. Basically, if my little one has shoes on and I'm in the mood, heels it is. Safety first, as always.

3. It's OK to wear sweats occasionally. I said it!! With all the awesome fashion blogs out there, I think we sometimes feel like failures if we don't get ready Your style isn't just gonna disappear if you decide to phone it in sometimes. I agree that getting ready helps me get more done and be productive overall, but a good lounge wear day helps be re-boot sometimes too. As long as it's not an everyday thing, I say pull on those sweats and snuggle with your kid (if they'll hold still!). You can always top knot and lipstick it tomorrow.

Style and motherhood: best friends? Not always but definitely on very good terms. Good luck ladies!

Hi, it's Kimberly, again! Isn't Meredith awesome? I LOVE her!
Know who else I love? LULA of Lulapalooza Designs! If you're not stopping by for the first time today, you'll notice I have a brand spankin' new blog design and it's all thanks to Lula and her awesome talent! She asked me some questions, I gave her my inspiration ideas, and out popped this amazing *so ME* design! I'm very excited to have a look that I can grow with. Thank you so much to Lulapalooza Designs! And if you're looking for a beautiful, efficient, talented, and affordable blog designer, I highly recommend Lula! You definitely will not be disappointed!

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