Monday, December 19, 2011

A Letter to Baby P.

7 months pregnant with Little S.

Dear Baby P.-

I've been writing letters to you for weeks, but I haven't been able to document them here until now. Your daddy, big sister, and I are all so excited about you. There is so much time to prepare for your arrival, but honestly, the first three months have already passed so quickly that I'm afraid to realize how fast you'll be here. We won't find out for another month or so, but we have some guesses on your gender. It's fun to play the guessing game, but we all want a healthy baby and know no cons to having a boy or girl. Your big sister points to you in my tummy all the time and tells me you make me feel sick. It's true! You've been a lot of hard work for mommy, but I know it's all well worth it. You have no idea how amazing it will be to come into this family and meet your big sister as soon as you're born. She's the best and she's going to love you so much. She already asks me if she can hold you when you come. I can't wait to see her smiling at you.

We're already making plans for your little room so we can give Little S. a new big girl room for her birthday in January. She's going to give her furniture to you and she's very good about sharing. So far. You've been making mommy really tired and not very hungry, so I hope you're getting everything you need. I'm sure you are! We're all preparing for Christmas next weekend and are so happy to share the news of our growing family with everyone. You are such a blessing and are going to complete us so perfectly. Not to fast forward, but I can't wait to see your little eyes on the Christmas tree lights next year. We love you so much, already.


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