Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Work it Wednesday: LIttle S' Room is Turquoise!

I cannot tell a lie. I didn't really "work it" at all when it came to sanding, priming, and painting S' room. Husband won't let me around the fumes and... well, he's a perfectionist. 
I'm also so sick I can barely stand up without holding onto something.

Nonetheless, the room is finally painted turquoise! 
Er... Aqua Glow.
The white stripes still need to be painted Ultra White. Right now they're just white primer over the old pink walls. They'll be a lot brighter when they're done!

My original pick was Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue and I'm glad we took the plunge and chose the deeper hue. The color looks awesome and totally hooks you every time you walk by in the hallway.

(he's going to kill me for that one)

We hope to have S in her bedroom by this weekend. There's still some touching up to do after painting the white stripes. I bought the bedding over the weekend and it should arrive sometime next week (hopefully before Work it Wednesday!). If we don't have the bedding, yet, I'll take a picture of the components all put in a pile together, but no finished room photos until every piece is here! Husband and I (and I mean mostly I) finished the beautiful boxspring over the weekend, too. It's awesome. Can't wait to make a matching valence! I'm so uber jealous of this room, it's not even funny.

What do you think of our bold color choice for Little S' big girl room?

p.s. - AHEM, someone's bedroom matches her mommy's blog. 
SOMEONE likes turquoise.

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