Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Work It Wednesday: Little S. Room Inspiration (and some plans)

So, hey. The inconsistency is probably irking the heck out of you, right? Me, too. 
I sat down, yesterday, and decided to really DECIDE if I was blogging for me or blogging for other reasons. Seeing as other reasons for bloggers to blog might include money and I don't make any, I'm definitely blogging for moi. Glad we got that squared away. That said, I am pregnant, exhausted, and completely absent-minded. I quite literally want to kiss the feet of all of the working or schooling pregnant women who have kept up with their blogs full-force. If I was a SAHM, which ahem I will be very soon, I would dedicate a certain portion of my day to blogging. Right now, that time has to be evening and frankly, after working 9 straight hours with 4 toddlers, my evenings consist of making dinner and crashing. Hard. And you know what? That makes me SAD. I miss blogging regularly, so Self (that's me) and I (me, again) decided to make a blog schedule to help Absent Minded Momma (also me - p.s. did I tell you pregnancy splits my personalities?). Admitting there's a problem is the first step and asking for help is the second. I admit that I'm behind and I'm asking myself for some assistance.

So, here's what this means for all of us - We all knew when I changed my blog name from "Fashion Momma" to "A Little Bit of This" a few months ago that I'd be stepping away from basking in the glory of my wardrobe. I mean, I still love getting dressed and it's super important to me. But let's be real, in my line of work, looking nice is just about the thing AFTER the last thing on the list of things to do/worry about. Weekends are my runway. I plan to take better note of them. Otherwise, here's how the schedule will go:

Meal Plan Monday
I'll go over our meal plan for the week (Mon-Sun) and one recipe.
Formerly "Trendy Tots Tuesday," I still plan on making this a day about Little S. 
Work It Wednesday
Our house is going to be going under some serious changes over the next year or so. First on the list is Little S.' room since she's giving her furniture to Bean and is getting a big girl room for her third birthday this month. I'll be sharing either projects I'm working on with the house or otherwise.
Things I Love Thursday
I'll share things I'm loving from the week.
A free day - probably for an outfit, make-up, hair or accessory post.
My pregnancy weekly measurements begin each Saturday, so I'll take Saturdays to share how I've been feeling during the week and post a gratuitous belly shot to keep track of my (enormous) growth. I'll also talk about things we're doing to prepare for Bean, etc.

So, it's Wednesday. Let's get started on the inspiration for Little S.' major room makeover! I'm so excited and although my vision's a bit hazy as far as where we are and where we're going, I have a great color palette and some furniture ideas. My biggest struggle is this: Little S.' room will double as our guest room since Bean is taking over our current guest room. So it has to be inviting and spacious, but still fun and pretty for a little girl. We'll also be in this house for A LONG TIME, so we have to make a room that will grow with our girl. I'll show ya what we're 'twerkin' with first. 

I'm actually immensely embarrassed to show you those photos because S' room kind of exploded post-Christmas. We haven't really unpacked (hence duffle bags) or put away the clean laundry... or toys since we got home because it's been my intention every weekend to start getting rid of things and storing clothes that don't fit (ie: 80% of the clothes in her room). But then, I don't make time. And that's that. So here's where I sort of want to go with the room.

all images from Pinterest

We're also giving S. the guest bed so we don't have to get rid of it (nowhere to store it, either), which means she'll be going from toddler bed to a full. And we're a bit concerned about the falling out thing, although she pretty much wakes up in the same position she falls asleep in. We were thinking about putting the box spring directly on the floor, but that would really mess up the carpet, so I absolutely fell in love with this idea.

I really want to peg the bottom with shorter pegs and tightly cover the box spring with a turquoise and white or lime and white fabric (probably not striped since we want to stripe one wall) and use chic white under bed storage. What do you think of the plans so far?

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