Friday, March 2, 2012

Karmin Music

My husband entered a local radio contest and won tickets for me to go see Karmin perform a sneak peak for their upcoming April album! If you haven't heard of this YouTube sensation gone chart-topper, you are seriously missing out! Both Amy and Nick of Karmin have music backgrounds from Berkley School of Music, where they met. They began their career on YouTube with covers of popular music, but their popularity has lead to several record offers, landing them a deal with Epic Records. They've appeared on the likes of Ellen and SNL already, but their heads and feet are still firmly planted on the ground. How do I know?

(excuse the photo quality - no flash allowed)
All photos c/o BOB 93.3.

I got to take my neighbor because our sitter plans fell through and hubby agreed to stay home with Little S. What a good man! We had a great time and both decided that even though we can buy everything on iTunes in an instant, we'd stay up all night in line to get Karmin's new album, "Hello," when it releases in April.

Have you heard of them? Do you love them? If you haven't been blessed, yet, CHECK KARMIN OUT!

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