Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wingback Chair Reupholster

I want to say "we" reupholstered this navy wingback chair that I picked up from Habitat for Humanity last week. However, that would be giving myself entirely too much credit where it's not due. My husband spent HOURS pulling out all the staples to get the fabric and batting off of this chair while I lounged around in pregnancy-induced exhaustion. He organized all of the pieces and I used them as a template to cut new ones from the grey and white houndstooth fabric I bought to repurpose with. After making the new pieces, I sewed slipcovers for the wings and the cushion and my sweet man put it all back together. I can't really say I did a whole bunch, but I'm so pleased with the outcome!



After removing several pieces of furniture in our room (or entertainment center became S' new wardrobe and we sold our individual dressers to get one that we can share), we had this corner that looked very empty. I thought, "Reading nook!" And as time goes by, we will eventually get rid of the ugly cord behind the chair (plugging our TV in - we'll mount it), add a foot rest and a small bookshelf. I also plan to pain the chair feet white, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

What do you think?

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