Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thanks for Doing the Laundry, Babe

Don't you just love when your husband does the laundry and shrinks his own clothes? I do! I've had my eye on a grey v-neck sweater for years and haven't ever bought one. Good news? Now, I don't have to. Husband dried his! TWICE! Please excuse my un-madeup self. We just took the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood while S rode her tricycle. No need for mascara...
This is coming from the woman who used to say, "Never leave the house without mascara."
WHAT is the world coming to?

sweater: shrunken men's Old Navy
blouse: Old Navy
jeans: Motherhood
flats: Target

Thanks for doing the laundry, babe.
I love my new *free* sweater.

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