Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dots on Copy

Well, I couldn't find my camera yesterday, but I read Tara's blog post early in the morning and she'd already decided my outfit for the day! I couldn't go without giving her credit for dressing me with hardly a thought of my own! So, thanks, Tara. And sorry my tribute is via crappy iPhone pictures!

blouse, sweater, jeans: Old Navy, shoes: gift from Whitney

Since you can SORT OF see my hair here and because I never shared the story I promised, here goes (short version): Basically, I hated the color it was when I box dyed it before. So, I decided to go get the same brand dye in a lighter, ashier color and tried to neutralize the red/orange/yellow tones. Hah. I turned out looking MORE like a highlighter. This is my street hooker hair, as I've been calling it. My OB complimented me yesterday and I could barely hold in my life. Barely smirking, I thanked her. Thank goodness, my best good friend is taking some time out of her busy law school life to visit me on Friday and she's going to fix it. The right way. I'm so over boxes.

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