Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby Bean Update: 32 Week Update

I'm wondering exactly how much bigger I can get.
That's really all that's on my mind. That, pain, and watermelon.
Apparently, I'm also neighborly and Husband catches me waving.
 hi-lo ruffle top: c/o Anika Burke, tank: Maurices, jeans: Motherhood, sandals: Target, necklace: family heirloom, bracelets: c/o Anika Burke, "wedding ring:" fakeout while mine don't fit from Kohl's ($9, yeah!)
 Bean is moving non-stop, which is awesome because I had some time where she didn't move about a week ago and again on Thursday. It was kind of scary, but I drank a ton of ice water (60 oz!), laid on my left side, and she started up again. Phew! I'm not exactly sure if there's any more growing room in there, but I'm feeling pretty healthy other than the back pain and Braxton Hicks contractions. Those babies used to feel like pressure and now they're pretty painful. Yuck! And it's practice for what? My c-section. Nice.
 In other news, I don't hate my hair anymore. I was having such a hair color identity crisis over the past few weeks and I'm really over worrying about it all... It's not so bad. Husband and my friend, Mell, really like it with a little bit of roots showing. I think I do, too. I was quick to think it needed to be touched up, but I think it looks less harsh against my skin with the darker roots. What do you think? You know, since my hair is the topic of conversation as of late.
In other, other news, I am so excited about my new bracelets and Light as a Feather top from Anika Burke! I received these items in the mail last week and couldn't wait to wear them! I also received a beautiful ivory bow belt with a sweet note that suggested I wait until Bean is born for comfort. If you haven't had the chance to pop over to Anika Burke, check them out on Facebook and Twitter, too! If you haven't noticed (ahem), if you check out the little ad on my sidebar, YOU can receive 30% off of your Anika Burke order by using the code LITTLE-BIT. Go 'head. Treat yourself!

In the otherest of newses (I'm so making up words, here), I have some exciting giveaways starting this Monday, May 14 for those of you interested in my new shop, Bitty Bug Designs! I'm so excited to be spreading the word and sharing products that I'm passionate about! I've worked so hard on starting up my stock and I'm excited to begin custom orders as I build fabric inventory. Please stay tuned to find out where you can enter to win some Bitty Bug swag! Special thank yous go out for all of the support I've had and if you haven't, yet, follow Bitty Bug Designs on Facebook and Twitter!

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