Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pink Jelly Shoes!

Yesterday, I had to run some errands and decided I'd feel a lot better if I got out of my ginormous gouchos (I promise I only wear them around the house) and ragged tank top. While searching through my closet, I found this gem of a top that my friends bought for me when I was pregnant with S. I'm so glad it peeked through all the random clothes I can't fit into right now because it also gave me the opportunity to wear my new jelly shoes from Happy Scarf! I never thought I'd want to wear jelly shoes, considering I totally missed the wagon in the 90s and never wore them when they were in style then. However, when I checked them out online, they looked so roomy and airy... and flat. Those all seemed like very necessary details in a shoe while I'm 8-9-10 months pregnant this summer.
You'll have to excuse my pictures. I'm just not the girl who can take her own photos and have good quality. It's an art I don't have time to perfect. This is why Husband takes all of my weekend photos.
 top: Liz Lange Maternity for Target, jeans: Motherhood, jellies: c/o Happy Scarf, earrings: c/o Scarlet Samples
My new shoes were as expected- fit perfectly with a little bit of room to swell (ahem) and VERY light and airy. I was afraid they'd be sweaty, but they totally weren't! The only thing I was a bit disappointment in was the color. I thought they would be more nude like on the website, but they really are a pale pinkish purple hue. I'm okay with that since I have plenty of pink, but I was just hoping for something I could wear with everything!
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