Friday, May 25, 2012

My Mom is Blogging This

While Heather, of Blonde Undercover Blonde, was pregnant, she pinned the cutest little screen-printed onesie that says, "My mom is blogging this." I knew I had to have one for Bean because, let's be real... I'm going to be blogging it. Here's the original inspiration that I repinned from Heather.
image via Pinterest
Luckily, my MIL works in an embroidery shop where they also do a bit of screen printing. She was able to make a similar onesie for little Bean and I think it's absolutely hysterical. I gave her a piece of lace trim that I liked for color-matching and she brought it back with enormous block letters and sparkles that they've been using for printing on things for a local cheerleading squad. I was just going to ruffle the bum of the onesie, but couldn't stop myself and did a three-tier tutu around it. And what obnoxiously funny onesie with ruffles would be complete without a matching headband? On it.
 I really adore this little headband. It only took a few minutes to toss it together and you can see the stitching in the gathers, so obviously if I was going to give this to someone, I would have been more careful. I was just too excited and wanted to get it done! I can't wait to show you a picture of Bean wearing this ensemble... and I especially can't wait to see/hear people's reactions about the blogging thing. Some people will probably think it's funny. Most probably won't understand. You guys will, though. That's what matters, anyway.
Thanks to my MIL for printing this adorable onesie for us! 

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