Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Bean Update: 34 (point five) Weeks

My parents and brother spent the weekend here for Memorial Day, so I didn't get to do a baby update! I'm so glad they came, though, and left my brother. Now I have someone here with me other than Little S while Husband's at work all day. It's good to have that security in case of an emergency! I became 34 weeks pregnant on Saturday, May 26, and today's May 29! That means ONE MONTH until d-day at the latest!
top: c/o maurices, jeans: Motherhood, sandals: Fergie
4.5 weeks. 4.5. weeks. 4.5 weeks. 
Apparently in that last photo, that's all I'm thinking. I definitely forgot to smile. Sorry 'bout that. Also, Readers, meet my Summer Hair. Summer Hair, Readers. I don't blow-dry in 100% humidity. Because, really, that's just dumb. I'm sorry if you choose to fight that battle, but I have wavy, frizzy, baby-fine hair and it's a super huge pain to dry it and have it go all lioness on me within 10 minutes.
So, 34 weeks... Let's see what we're working with, here. Back pain, pelvic pain, lots of contractions, my tummy is SO TIGHT that I feel like it's going to rip open, sciatica in both legs, but mostly the left one, numbness in my left elbow/forearm/wrist (pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel), and major feet swellage... on the other hand, though, I'm feeling happy, hopeful, uplifted, and almost (alllmost) ready. Can't ask for more than that!
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